The evolution of digital

Andrew Binns

SVP Strategy & Planning

As we move towards the end of 2017, I can safely say that the status of digital has finally evolved into maturity. No longer is it the cool, slightly quirky, mysterious and weird adopted son of the marketing mix. No longer is it the one part of the communications plan that is evaluated, created and delivered completely out of context to the rest. It is now a truly integrated part of the mix and thankfully we are not alone in this view, in fact many of our more discerning clients demand even more.

That’s not to say we don’t still get the odd request that makes me sadly shake my head and despair. Requests such as:

“The British Airways app is really great. Can you develop one for us?”

“My daughter is always on Instagram. Can we get ourselves on there?”

“The new Apple website looks amazing. We’d like one like that please.”

These statements frustrate me because they take digital back to the 90s and 00s. In those days, digital was a tactic. It generally meant designing a website, an app or an email without any consideration of the end user. Nowadays, digital is so much more strategic. It symbolises the ability to segment and personalise a user’s experience and push content out that is relevant. Through CRM and sophisticated marketing suites in CMS, we can analyse the behaviour of an individual and ensure the content they engage with is relevant, appropriate and impactful.

Let me clarify Ashfield Digital & Creative’s stance. We will work with a client to identify the correct message and marketing sentiment that will influence someone’s behaviour, or help them to think of a client’s wants or needs. We will create the relevant themes and then, and only then, will we select the correct channels to disseminate the content to the audience.

So, we challenge you to challenge us. With an outstanding team comprising of strategic, digital and creative experts, we will do more than just build you a website, app or email campaign – we will develop an experience truly targeted to your users.

If you’re looking for help on how best to engage with your audience then we’d love to hear from you

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