Evolving user experience

Damian Stewart

Senior Director, UX, Digital & Creative

We have always been huge advocates of user experience (UX). It is key to developing communications that resonate with individuals. However, with the increasing utilisation of behaviour change frameworks and other strategic approaches, we feel it’s important to redefine the way UX fits with these approaches to obtain the ultimate return for our clients.

Of course, it remains important to understand the mindset and psychology of our stakeholders. And my colleagues are working on groundbreaking developments in the behaviour change field. An approach that allows each tactic to be designed with user insight and populated with relevant, appropriate and impactful content; all aimed at activating the recipient into a desired action.

However, the analysis of how physical behaviours impact the way stakeholders engage with tactics is now something Ashfield Digital & Creative are pushing the boundaries with too. That is why, along with my team, I have taken UX for our clients and evolved it into ‘Experience’. Experience is something that encompasses all aspects of UX and our engagement approach. It is a pragmatic, real-world interrogation of how people engage with a tactic, and, equally importantly, how we can improve that level of engagement over time. This isn’t just rebranding UX. Let me explain.

Our Experience team is made up of experts in:

  • Strategy / UX team – to understand the requirements and end user’s goals
  • Technology – to monitor behaviour
  • Data analysis – to extract information from the technology
  • UX – to create the optimum customer environment and journey.

This team uncover the requirements and design the optimum physical journey a stakeholder will take. They utilise the technology we have at our disposal (eg Google Analytics, social media monitoring tools, heat mapping, eye tracking software, cameras, A/B testing, virtual and augmented reality, heat pads, location tracking and ibeacons) to track and monitor people’s behaviour when they engage with our experiences. We then extrapolate information from the data to report on actual behaviours and outcomes and to recommend improvements.

Our work can be utilised for digital (eg email, website, apps) and non-digital (eg booth experiences, print and symposiums). The premise of our offering is simple – understand people and how they behave, then design and deliver the optimum experience. The benefit of our offering is huge – allowing clients to truly see how their deliverables are working.

We are at the very beginning of this exciting journey. I’m proud of what my Experience team has developed so far. But there’s much work to do.


If you’d like us to add to your Experience, then we’d love to hear from you.

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